Website Terms of Services

  1. Contact: All meetings with Sir (herein “web designer”) and client(s) will be scheduled on our website.
  2. Payment: Payment in full is required before work will commence in building the contracted website. Payments must be submitted through Cash App: $onairwithsir. Note: All bookings are final unless canceled within ten (10) days after booking, by either party. 
  3. Content Review: Client(s) shall schedule a Content Review Call with web designer.  During this call, client and web designer will review current content and either confirm the content accuracy or provide necessary updates for site design.  Note: Client(s) is given only ONE opportunity reschedule Client Review Content call.  No additional changes can be made after the official Content Review call.
  4. Design Day: After content has been reviewed and approved client must schedule a “Design Day” via  Note: Design Days CANNOT be rescheduled! On "Design Day" client(s) will receive a draft of their website from web designer. Client(s) will have one (1) day to review and create a list of smog edits. A follow-up call to discuss edits with the web designer must be scheduled on day two (2).
  5. Live edits/Updates: Client(s) will be allotted three (3) 60 minutes live editing/update sessions with web designer to complete their site. These sessions can be scheduled over periods of time, and as needed. Note: Live Edit/Update sessions CAN be rescheduled 7 days in advance. Any additional editing/update sessions are $50 per hour.
  6. Refunds:  If web designer does not complete the building of the website, for any reason, a full refund will be issued within five (5) calendar days.