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Make an offer!

Many people ask Sir to build their website and all they want is the transaction & done. Sir isn’t a one night stand kind of website designer. He’s set on establishing relationships to expand his network of driven, passionate entrepreneurs and friends. His network is the foundation of what our parent company, Live Sircuit, is all about: making genuine connections while helping one another attain ultimate success. Sir building your website is building a relationship, and we take this relationship seriously. He’s looking for passion, so please understand some applications may be rejected. Also, there are no set prices, it’s all boils down to the offer/budget you have and the amenities you want. Either way, Sir will work with you and treat you right.

What Sir thinks about when reviewing your offer?

  • Will your site be a good fit for his portfolio?
  • Will your site be something he would love to promote?
  • Will you refer clients to him?
  • Are you a great fit for networking?
  • How easy will it be to work with you on the project. There will be many calls, texts, emails & late night edits.
  • How many team member does he need to complete your site?
  • How fast do you want your site?
  • Do you need a photo or video shoot?
  • Do you have your domain already?
  • Do you need your content to be proof read?
  • Do you need graphics or a logo?

Industry Leading Features

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24/7 Support

Have a question? We provide 24/7 premium support for all of your hosting needs. Let our professional technicians assistance you.

Lightning Speed

Faster sites win. Our servers provide faster loading and navigation for optimum performance. Your website will operate at lightning speed.

No Down Time

You can change sites or hosts with absolutely no down time. We will ensure your migration process is swift and effortless.

Easy Interface

It doesn’t have to be hard. We make it simple, by giving you a “user-friendly” website building and hosting experience.

Bold Security

Your best defense against an attack is to scan regularly. Get our bold security tool for detecting and removal services.