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It all started when I was 12 years old...I was a problem child, everything from setting my school on fire to stealing & racing cars, I DID IT! One day my mom had enough. She said, "THAT'S IT, I'VE HAD IT! I'm sending you away! Pack up!" So I did...I never knew if she was serious or not. On the way to the group home, with my clothes in the back seat of the car, my mom said, "I have to stop and pick up my pay check." So we pulled into her job's parking lot. My mom went to get out the car and said to me, "DON'T MOVE," but as usual I just waited for her to get out of the car and walk into her job, then I got out and headed into the building behind her. As I roamed the building, I walked into a radio station, at that time called WDRE 103.9. Read More

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Beyonce Shocks the World; Drops New Album For Her Fans!

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Beyonce shocks the world…again. But this time it’s damn near unprecedented. A few hours ago, Beyonce secretly dropped a New, Self-titled album on Itunes. No Promotion. No Rumors. No smoke signal. No Warning. No awareness whatsoever. The Icon dropped 32 tracks (half video, half songs), featuring Jay-Z, Frank Ocean, Pharrell, her daughter Blue Ivy, and there might even be a Destiny’s Child reunion. One thing is for sure: Beyonce stole Santa’s Thunder and to a lot of fans, gave the best give of all: Quality, New Music at the drop of a dime. Merry BeyMas


Full List of 2014 Grammy Nominees

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On January 26th, the 2014 Grammy Awards will be held. Recently the whole list of nominees was revealed. Jay-Z led the list with nine nominations. Kendrick Lamar, Pharell, Justin Timberlake and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis had seven


Here’s the full winners list; for the classical/non-pop categories, head to the GRAMMYs site.

Album Of The Year:
The Blessed Unrest — Sara Bareilles
Random Access Memories — Daft Punk
Good Kid, M.A.A.D City — Kendrick Lamar
The Heist — Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Red — Taylor Swift
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New Music Alert: Drake Plans To Drop Five Unreleased Songs Before 2014

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Would you like some (more) music? Good, because the holidays are approaching and Drake is in the giving spirit.

The Toronto rapper/singer, who is still riding the massive wave of his latest LP Nothing Was The Same, plans to dump a handful of songs from the stash sometime before the New Year’s ball drops—but only if you’re on your best worst behavior.

OVO stans remember the four-song warmup Drake released on his blog back in June, which included his “Jodeci Freestyle” collaboration with J. Cole, and guest features on PARTYNEXTDOOR’s “Over Here” and Migos’ “Versace.” Drake says his new material will be rolled out in a similar fashion.

“Not an EP, but maybe a blog thing like how I did ‘Versace,’ ‘The Motion,’ all those in one night,” Drake says of his unreleased songs. “I’ll probably do ‘Trophies’ and three or four other records.”

Aside from the Hit-Boy produced track that Drake has previewed during his Would You Like A Tour? dates, he intends to include the remix to “Wu-Tang Forever,” which was first reported on VIBE.com back in September.

“['Wu-Tang Forever (Remix)'] will probably come out with all that stuff—I hope,” Drake adds. “It’s on 40. He has all the verses.”

There’s no word yet on what else Drizzy will bless fans with. Perhaps it’ll be an unreleased gem from “Worst Behavior” producer DJ Dahi, who says he provided other beats for NWTS before the album favorite came to fruition.

“There was another beat that they were actually working on that I did,” Dahi shares, adding that he hasn’t heard the instrumental with Drake’s vocals. “It would’ve sounded totally different from the album, it was a little more uptempo.”

OVO Sound producer Nineteen85, who co-produced “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and “Too Much,” also confirms that Drake is squatting on a ton of top-notch music.

“Drake probably has almost an album’s worth of stuff recorded that he could put out at any time,” says the Toronto producer. “Songs that basically are ready to go. And I’m not talking about throwaway records. I’m talking about finished songs that most artists would beg to have.”

85 adds: “People are always wondering, ‘Can Drake do it again?’ Yes! He has it and he’s ready to go if he’s comfortable.” —John Kennedy

Lee Thompson Young Dead at 29, Allegedly Commited Suicide

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Lee Thompson Young Dead at Age 29Disney Channel star turned Rizzoli & Isles cast member Lee Thompson Young was found dead at his Los Angeles apartment on Monday morning.

Per TMZ, which was first to report on the tragedy, the 29-year-old actor suffered a fatal gunshot wound that appeared to be self-inflicted.

ABC News has since confirmed Young’s death.

Production on the back half of Rizzoli’s current season was suspended Monday and possibly will take a short hiatus. A statement from TNT, Warner Bros. TV and Rizzoli & Isles EP Janet Tamaro reads as follows:

Everyone at Rizzoli & Isles is devastated by the news of the passing of Lee Thompson Young. We are beyond heartbroken at the loss of this sweet, gentle, good-hearted, intelligent man. He was truly a member of our family. Lee will be cherished and remembered by all who knew and loved him, both on- and offscreen, for his positive energy, infectious smile and soulful grace. We send our deepest condolences and thoughts to his family, to his friends and, most especially, to his beloved mother.

Young’s TV credits include the title role in Disney Channel’s The Famous Jett Jackson (which ran from 1998 to 2001), Scrubs, FlashForward and Smallville (where he played Cyborg). On Rizzoli, he has costarred as Detective Barry Frost since the TNT series’ pilot.

On the big screen, he played running back Chris Comer in 2004′s Friday Night Lights.


We at OnairwithSir.com send our deepest condolences to the Young family. He was a promising star with a bright future.

Naya Rivera Takes A Swipe At Big Sean’s Exes With ‘Sorry’

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Necole Bitchie Reports: Oh boi!

Just weeks shy of Big Sean dropping his new Hall Of Fame disc, his booski Naya Rivera released a new track titled “Sorry.” And it’s really not the sincere “sorry” that you would expect. She’s really saying, “I’m not sorry for bagging this man I’m now in love with.”

Over a track that sounds like something that TLC would have sung over in the 90s, Naya sings:

I don’t really know much about ya
But it’s clear you know my name
So I guess all I can tell ya
Is that I don’t have much to say
If you used to be the one
Well I don’t know sh-t about it (I don’t know sh-t about it)
But I know you mad about it
He loves the way I put it down
Starstruck on what he found
You wishin’ that it played out different
Yeah I know it sucks girl
I’m so…

Big-Sean-Brytni-ValentinesSorry, I’m not sorry
Cause I’ve been rolling round, shut it down, lady
Bagged him up, now he’s my baby

She also calls out names of a few girls that Sean has dated, “Amber, Brytni, Tiffany, Sorry he belongs to me /Heather, Ashley, Stephanie it just wasn’t meant to be, Sorry!”

The track is moreso directed at a woman named Brytni, who dated Big Sean for a short time this year and tweeted photos of the two together on Valentine’s Day. Who knows what happened behind the scenes that got Naya fired up enough to write a track but Brytni has responded to Naya:


Robin Thicke & Janelle Monae Bring The Party & #NewRules To The Pages Of VIBE

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Janelle-Monae-Robin-Thicke-Cover-VibeLeaders of the #newrules.

VIBE is turning 20-years-old this year and to celebrate their anniversary, they’re kicking off their highly anticipated September ‘Juice’ issue with three unique covers, including one featuring Janelle Monae and Robin Thicke. For the cover shoot, photographed in downtown New York, Robin brought his “Blurred Lines” set to the pages of Vibe, while his leading, classy lady Janelle kept her clothes on for this one.

In the interview, they both chatted about mixing things up in their music so that they aren’t solely known for one thing, while Robin mentions that there shouldn’t be any more rules now that white people can cover VIBE and black people are on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Catch a snippet from the interview, plus some behind the scene snaps below:

VIBE: How do you define your music?

Robin: I can tell she’s probably just like me—that as soon as somebody says, ‘Oh, you’re this.’ She goes, ‘Well, then let me show you what else I can do ’cause I’m not just one thing.’

Janelle: It’s about having fun.

Robin: Well, not just that, but when you think about Stevie Wonder, or even Michael Jackson, you don’t say, ‘They’re R&B singers.’ You say, ‘That’s Stevie Wonder music. That’s Prince music.’

Janelle: They tried everything.

Robin: I hope that after I make my 10, 20 albums people just go, ‘That’s Robin Thicke music. And when they hear Janelle, they know that’s Janelle Monáe music.’ That’s what we both try to accomplish. Even “Blurred Lines,” which is my greatest success…

Janelle: That’s the jam.

Robin: Sounds a lot like my other music. I love all kinds of music, so I can’t possibly just make one kind. I’ll make a song called “Shakin’ It 4 Daddy” with Nicki Minaj, and then a song that sounds like Jimi Hendrix that’s all guitar and live music. Most of the music I’ve made is live band instrumentation, no drum machines.

Janelle: Same with me. We just finished [recording with] the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, and then came back and rocked Coachella. I get very bored with the concept of marginalizing music and saying because I’m an African-American woman I [have to] stick to this genre. My iPod [has everything] from Judy Garland to James Brown to Prince to the Talking Heads. It just needs to be great and it needs to move me.

Robin: In the history of American music, black radio and white radio were segregated. But once everybody had rights…

Janelle: And could be on the cover of their album…

Robin: And white people are on the cover of VIBE and black people on the cover of Rolling Stone, there are no more rules and that’s how it should be. We shouldn’t be judged by our color or one song that we made.

Janelle: We should be judged by the jam. Is it jammin’?

Robin: Music is exploding right now and always will, because it’s not about the sound. It will always come down to the artist. What are they doing? What are they saying and how are they saying it?

Janelle: And is it believable?

-VIA Necole Bitchie